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Window Treatments

impress-headerProviding quality products and services to commercial and residential clients for over 17 years.  As a former co-owner of K & K Inspirations, Inc., a company shared with my sister, we built a business based on relationships.  We provided quality window treatment products with reliable customer service that gained us client referrals and repeat business.  With little marketing and both of us working additional jobs, we were able to grow a successful window treatment business.  And although at this time, our paths have taken us down separate roads and different zip codes, it is my goal to continue servicing clients with their window treatment needs.

We are happy to provide free consultations and on-site visits to assure that you have the best window treatment options available to you.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment today!


Many new office buildings today provide wonderful windows of light.  This environment has been shown to improve employee performance and happiness within the workspace.  Along with windows of light comes increased heat and decreased vision on your computer screen.  Your sweating and you can’t read your computer screen because of the glare.  Not a happy camper, but a disgruntled employee.

In the past, many commercial buildings have used vertical blinds that get broken easily, clang, when the air ducts turn on and emit slivers of light right where you need to see that screen.  Another option that many commercial buildings have is the 1” mini blind.  While both are a cost-effective option, we have seen a major transition to a solar/roller shade.  The benefits to the solar/roller shade is that depending on the amount of light filtering you need, gives you the sun and heat protection along with an unobstructed view.  These shades are easy to maintain and cost-effective.

Whether you are upgrading your office space or embarking on a new building, contact us to review cost-saving options for your workplace environment.



Windows are awesome, they allow us to look out into the world, experiencing the outside from the inside comfort of our home. But most of the time that glass also allows people to see in and sometimes people see more than just the glass.  Do you think that Joel aka Tom Cruise thought about who may have been watching him dance in his underwear in the living room? The living room had sheers, but if you’re going to dance in your underwear you may want to opt for a 2” faux wood blind for complete privacy.

These are things one needs to think about when reviewing options for window treatments. Here are 3 initial questions to consider in order to help you make a decision about what to place on that glass to cover your bum.

Do you like to have a clear view, or do you like to have a buffer?

If you like a clear view, you may want to do a top down/bottom up feature that allows you to have the window completely open but controlled privacy. If you like a buffer, then a treatment with a horizontal or vertical vane may be your best option.

Do you need light or sun control?

If you cannot see the TV or work on the computer, then you should consider a blackout option. Or if you are experiencing heat from the sun, then you may want to consider a solar roller shade and pocket the savings on your electric bill.

How often will you open the shades or the window?

If you open and close some windows every day, and others you leave stationary, this will determine if you will need perhaps some easy motorization or maybe you can go with a one larger width shade if you do not intend to move it often.

After you consider these three elements then you can begin to choose style, color, texture and options. Making an informed decision on your window treatments is a wise decision.  It is an investment and can easily increase the value of your home. Call a professional for a consultation. They can guide you through the process, so you can be assured that your latest dance move in your underwear is kept behind closed windows!

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