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We like to say that we are a family by chance and we stay together by choice.  My name is Kristine Holmin and I am married to Dave Holmin and together we have a daughter named Joanna Holmin.  Dave and I are both business owners and have extensive backgrounds in sales and customer service.  We have seen successes and failures and we both agree that our biggest success has been raising a wonderful, kind, sensitive and loving daughter with a wicked sense of humor and a great twist of sarcasm.  Life is way too short to take ourselves too seriously.  Because of our work ethic we have instilled in Joanna a strong “quality customer service” mentality that has enabled her to represent quality companies like Ace Hardware, Culver Stockton College, Kelly Services, Greene County, Mo and State Farm.  She is very professional and is aware that she is there to do her job and represent her employer to the best of her ability.  And as always with children, you want to give them all of the tools to succeed in life in hopes that one day they will utilize those tools to create their own successes.  She is a valued advisor and counselor on current trends within her generation.

Dave has been in the office supply, furniture, and promotional supply industry for over 28 years.  He has owned a business with over 8 locations that served businesses nationwide and he was responsible for all sales and marketing throughout the company.

As for myself, my background consists of marketing and sales in the tourism and banking industry.  For over 20 years I have owned a window treatment business, serving residential and commercial clients.  Five of those years were dedicated to serving as Legislative Director for Republican Leader, Senator Bill Brady of Illinois.

In the Legislative arena, things change daily and you are most successful when you can easily adapt to any given situation. My resume lists one of my talents as “proficient at handling difficult situations”, and to think that I was proficient at euchre in college!  Clearly, I was dealt the “listening” card and my hand has been providing quality customer service throughout my career.  This has been the backbone of my career, it has provided me with strong lasting relationships in my jobs and repeat clients in my business.

Most recently, Dave and I have taken a leap of faith and relocated to our “vacation” spot of 30 years, Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We have both obtained our Alabama Real Estate License and hope to help those wishing to locate in the fastest growing county of Baldwin County, Al with their real estate needs.  Whether its for a 2nd home, investment, business or to live the lifestyle of sea, sun and sand, let us help you achieve your goals.  Dave and I like to call it the “Blessed Bama Breath” and after a rough couple of years it has been able to provide us with some much needed ocean therapy.  So whether we can help you find a your spot in the sand, a solar shade for your windows or some promotional products to help you grow your own business, we are here for you!

Our goal is and has always been to provide a resource to set high standards for quality customer service.  No matter what the business, service or industry is, providing excellent customer service is the key to building lasting repeat clients and relationships.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.



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